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FIC: What's In A Word?---Chapter One
by confessionssmut (confessionssmut)
at April 14th, 2006 (05:24 pm)

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Title: “What’s In A Word?”

Author: Confessionssmut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: pedophilia, group sex, voyeurism, anal, oral, rimming, m/m, m/m/m, m/m/m/m, toys, a bit of rough sex, fingering, D/s, prostitution or whoring, INCEST (READ AUTHORS NOTE!), a bit of blood,

Parings: Harry, Lucius, Draco, Severus, Tom Riddle… all sort of combos!…throughout the whole story. There might be other pairings in later chapters.

Summary: Harry’s a sex slave that has been bought and returned several times. Maybe the next buyer will be the one to keep him?

A/N: I’ve noticed that in this one Severus says ‘fuck’ a lot. Also, Draco is younger than Harry in this. Harry is fourteen and Draco is ten…perverted, I know…NOTICE! Lucius and Severus are half-brother’s in this series, making Draco Lucius’ son and Severus’ nephew.

Harry Potter, a fourteen year old boy, sat quietly in his booth with a cigarette hanging precariously from his mouth. Taking a drag, he glanced around the mass of undulating bodies on the dance floor, watching as men moaned and groaned as they had rubbed and fucked each other to the beat of the pounding music. His eyes landed on a man who was rubbing his erection between his partner’s ass cheeks, smearing pre-cum along smooth skin. Even from where Harry was sitting, he could see the man’s sacks slap against the other’s ass. He was hypnotized as he watched the lovely balls move back and forth, trying to imagine the man’s cock slipping between his cheeks teasingly rubbing against his anus while every once and awhile it would slip in.

His dick hardened inside of his skimpy shorts, the tight material becoming uncomfortable. Taking another drag, Harry slid a hand down his bare chest, tweaking his nipples along the way, before stopping on top of his cloth covered erection. Squeezing, Harry moaned, his eyes never leaving the man who was still lubricating the other’s ass with his semen. His partner thrust back against him, his mouth opened wide as his anus was penetrated by the man’s gorgeous prick.

Licking his dry lips, Harry clutched at his enclosed penis, eyes locked at the point where he could see the man’s dick push into the other’s perfect anus. Harry could imagine the sounds of the man’s balls smacking against the other as he plunged into him, the mewls of the fuckee was making as his anus stretched around the other‘s dick, the murmuring of naughty words as the fucker speared the other with engorged piece of meat...





Take me! That’s right! Take my fucking cock…


Yes, yes… HARDER!…


Such a good little boy, aren’t you? Spreading your legs for my dick? Letting me fill you with my semen?





Fill me with your…

Harry groaned as both men through their head back as they came. Harry watched in fascination as the who was being taken shot his seed in a graceful arch and spattering against another man’s leg. The other man pulled out his cock that was limp and sticky with his essence, giving Harry a view of the a stretched ass hole that was leaking cum.

Still rubbing his erection, Harry fingered the red and gold collar around his neck. His red on his collar signified his status as a pleasure slave while the gold represented not having a Master. Harry had been bought and sold six times since he completed his training and had yet to find another Master for the past year. He was almost at the age where no one would want him.

Sighing, Harry saw a young boy, no older eight, sitting on an older man’s lap, his little hands eagerly stroking the other’s large dick. The man smiled gently and kissed him deeply, his tongue diving into the boy’s wet cavern.

Turning away, Harry wished that he was the one touching that man’s penis. When he was younger, men would “test” him before they bought him and would ask him to bring them to completion with his young hands or they would ask him to bend over so they could inspect his ass and genitals. Those were Harry’s favorite parts of the buying process. Men would bend him over the desk in Tom’s, the slave dealer‘s, office and then inspect him closely. Their large hands would spread his ass cheeks and carefully study his anal orifice before plunging a finger in and moving it around inside of him. They would tease him. They would stroke his insides and press that spot inside of him that would make him squirm. Then, once he was fully hardened, they would turn him around so that he was standing shoulder width apart. The men would cup his sacks, roll them in their fingers and pull at them. His erection would be measured and then gently stroked by warm hands. Sometimes his dealer would let Harry sit on the man’s lap, naked as the day he was born, and press his ass against their straining penises. Other times Tom would let Harry ride his cock while they were negotiating the terms of their agreement so that the buyer could see Harry’s skill.

Harry loved Tom’s dick. It was long and curved in towards his belly when fully aroused and would pour out rivers of semen. When Tom wasn’t busy he would call Harry to him and they would do lovely things.

Harry knocked on his dealer’s bedroom door and entered when he heard a quiet ‘come in’ from inside. Opening the door slightly and slipping through the door, the ten-year-old wrapped the blanket closer around his almost naked body. The small piece of material that cupped his genitals barely kept his organs enclosed, much less gave any sort of warmth.

“Come here, Harry.” A voice called from the couch by the fireplace. With quick steps Harry walked speedily around the furniture to find his dealer lying naked on the sofa. His long, skinny fingers were stroking his lean hardened flesh and his balls were hanging tightly at the base of his cock. Tom smiled, an unusual expression for his boyish face, and whispered, “Come sit with me, Harry.”

Tom slid up into a sitting position, his back resting against the arm rest and his legs spread open for Harry to crawl into. Without hesitation, the boy dropped the blanket and moved between his limbs, finally resting with his head on the older man’s thigh.

A large hand combed through his hair, pushing his head towards his erect dick. Grinning like a boy who just got a lollipop, Harry nuzzled the hard flesh with his face, lapping his balls from time to time because he liked the feel of the pubic hair against his tongue.

Tom hummed above him, shifting so Harry could gain more access to his groin and ass. Moving his lips from away from the sacks, Harry trailed his tongue between them and then further down until he felt the lip of his hole. Turning his head to the side, Harry pushed his face closer to the man’s ass so he could sink his tongue deep within it’s depths.

“Such a good boy, aren’t you?” Tom said, his voice deep with arousal. “Deeper…”

Harry complied, his tongue going farther inside of the other’s body. Tom’s muscles contracted around his slick tongue, causing the boy to moan quietly and lock his lips around the opening and suck.

“Yes, boy, just like that…”

Harry felt his dealer’s cock resting on top of his head, burrowing in next to his fingers in his hair. Tom pushed his face deeper into his ass crack, murmuring all the while about how Harry was a good ass eater, especially since he was so young.

Harry nipped the orifice with his teeth causing the older man to gasp and ejaculate in his hair. Harry could feel heavy strings of semen spurting into his hair. “Guhh…” Tom moaned, his fingers clutching at his head almost painfully.

Harry didn’t stop his administrations, his mouth still working on the other’s anus, wetting it with his salvia. He could feel the long, limp penis lying just above his ear and small drops of seed dripping into it.

Finally, Tom pulled him away, leaving a thick string of spit connecting his mouth to the anal hole, only to be broken against Tom’s reawakening cock as Tom pulled him closer so they were groin to groin.

“Now, Harry,” Tom said, as Harry pushed his erect cock against the other’s. “Do you remember your lessons?”

“Yes, Tom.”

“Good boy. Now get into position.” Quickly, Harry crawled onto the floor and onto his knees, his smooth ass sticking up in the air, his puckered entrance blinking back at his dealer.

Harry shivered as he felt legs brush against his and waited impatiently for the man to pierce his bottom with his penis.

Tom didn’t like to play with Harry’s ass before he fucked him, nor did he like to prepare the boy in any fashion. He liked the feel of his dry cock pushing passed that tight ring of muscles and the feel of the young boy’s body convulsing underneath him.

Tom grunted loudly as he pushed his organ inside of him with one harsh thrust, his sacs bouncing off the other’s pert flesh.

Harry screamed, his voice echoing from the high ceiling.

“Such a good boy, you are! You like to fucked hard, don’t you? You little whore.” Tom moaned, his hips moving in jerky motions, making his dick move in uncomfortable angles inside of Harry. Though in pain, Harry’s tiny erection did not wane, instead it seemed to grow harder with each thrust. “You were made for a man’s dick to be in you, boy.” Tom leaned over Harry’s back, encasing his small body totally in his own. “You were made for a man’s seed to coat your anus. For their cock to tear away at your tight channel.”

Harry felt tears form in his eyes. The mixture of pain and pleasure was to much the ten year old boy and his penis jumped as he ejaculated a small amount of semen onto the floor. Harry didn’t move as Tom continued to thrust into his body, the slick sounds of the man’s cock going in and out filled the room along with Tom’s occasional naughty phrase and grunts of pleasure.

Harry could feel the man’s pre-cum dripping out of his hole and down his legs, making wet trails across his hairless skin.

Suddenly, Tom gripped his hips tighter and with one last forceful push forward, the dealer came.

Harry moaned quietly as cum filled his bottom, and Tom’s dick jumped with each stream of ejaculation. The man continued to roll his cock in and out of Harry, making sure that he totally filled Harry’ s abused anus, before pulling out and moving back onto the couch.

Still Harry didn’t move, letting the older man stare at his stretched orifice as semen was pushed out by Harry’s contracting muscles.

Harry grinned at the memory, smashing his cigarette in the ash tray on the tabel. That night his tiny opening was so stretched that he could fit four of his fingers into his ass and played with it as he watched himself in the mirror.

“My, my, don’t you seem like you could use a cock to suck on?” A voice said from his right.

Turning slightly, Harry pulled his hand away from his erection to look at the man standing beside him. He didn’t bother looking at the man’s face for the moment, but went straight to the man’s groin. The bulge was clearly visible, protruding so far that Harry gasped in pleasure at the thought of getting his hands on it.

Trialing his eyes up the man’s body, Harry unintentionally spread his legs farther apart, the short shorts he was wearing moving up to expose more silky skin to the well endowed stranger. Eyes traced the man’s lithe frame before settling on his very masculine face.

Long black hair fell neatly at the sides of his face, small lips smirked at him, and his black eyes were settled on Harry’s groin.

“Aren’t you just a lovely specimen?” The dark haired man said as he slid into the booth next to Harry, making sure to run his hand over Harry’s bare thigh. “And yet you have no master.” His large hand wormed its way between Harry’s spread legs and cupping the boy’s genitals.

Harry’s tiny hand held the older man’s still as he thrusted into it. “For the right price, sir, my body and soul could be yours for the taking.” Harry groaned, his hips moving quickly against the other’s hand, which was now tightly gripping him through the fabric of his shorts.

“Really?” The man purred as he dropped a few precious gems onto the table. Harry’s eyes widened for a moment before settling back on the man.

“Really.” Without much delay, the boy straddled the man’s thighs, his small hands going straight for the man’s groin. Unzipping the man’s pants, he coaxed the man’s dick out with his fingers, enjoying the feeling of the smooth skin in his hands. Once the hard flesh was free, Harry gasped at the mere size of it. It was not extraordinary in length, but the girth of the organ made him pant with anticipation.

“Aren’t you the eager little slave.” The man grinned, his hands moving to cup the boy’s tight ass to pull him closer so Harry was pressed against his cock. “Such a tiny body.” The older man said, his hands working their way to where the other was still stroking his erection. Harry played with the man’s slit, smearing the leaking seed across the head and down to the base of his cock. “Is your ass tight?” He murmured, his hands wrapping around Harry’s and curling them around his fucking instrument. “Do you think my dick with split your small pucker in two and stretch your walls so far that you’ll scream with pleasure?” He moved their hands faster on his penis, Harry moaning at the sight of the other’s semen dripping out in large amounts, the creamy substance giving their hands the lubrication they needed. “I wonder--Ehh--Do you like it rough? I’ll ride you so hard, you’ll bleed--uhh!” The other man was close to the edge, his face contorted in a look of painful pleasure. Harry was sure that within a few strokes the man would empty his load onto him, but instead the man quickly pushed Harry’s hands away and lifted him up onto the table. Surprised, he squeaked as his ass hit the hard surface and he was pushed into a laying position. The man eagerly opened Harry’s shorts, panting loudly. Harry groaned as his erection was freed from its confines, the tiny penis rigid with need to ejaculate. Lifting his hips slightly, the man pulled down his shorts to his thighs and then pushed his legs up so that Harry could hold them so that his ass was in easy access of the man’s thick cock.

“Please…” Harry gasped as cool air brushed against his anal opening. He could feel the man’s breath bushing against his cheeks as he inspected his ass and the balls that had a few sparse hairs.

“You do look rather tight, boy.” Harry eyes closed as the man who was about to fuck him spread his ass cheeks apart to examine the hole he was about to insert his gorgeous prick into. Harry loved the big hands, especially when they were rough. Harry felt the man shift and, with a yelp of surprise, felt the man plunge into his anus without further talk. “Uggg!! Tight little fuck!” The man’s cock stretched him to the point of pain but nonetheless his cock hardened. Moaning, Harry tried to thrust back, to take the man deeper within him but he couldn’t move in his current position. Gasping in defeat, Harry waited for the man to move, but he didn’t do anything but stay there with his fat dick pressed to the hilt inside of him. It was driving the boy crazy. He needed the man to move, to fuck him hard into the table.


“Hmm, such pretty words.” The man said, his hips gently rolling against the boy. “But what are you pleading for, boy?”

“Please, your cock…”

Harry screamed loudly as the man pulled out roughly and pushed back in, his sacks bouncing against his pert flesh.

“Yeessss! Ahhh….” The boy moaned.

“You like that, do you? Nnn…You liked to be fucked in the ass, hmm?” The man thrusted harshly into him, causing Harry to moan loudly in pleasure, his heart thumping with the beat of the music. “How many dicks have been in your ass? Have they ever given you the amount of pleasure that mine does? Guhh! You’re still so tight, like a virgin.”

Harry was becoming frustrated with the fact that he couldn’t move his legs, which were still confined together by the shorts around his thighs. He wanted to touch the man, wanted to push back against his cock so that he would go deeper, filling him like Tom’s does. The other man ignored all of his wiggling and continued to fuck him in earnest. Tightening his muscles around the achingly hard piece of meat that was piercing him, Harry brought one of his hands down to caress his almost forgotten penis. Harry fondled himself, playing with his balls and lightly scratching at his shaft while his ass was being brutally being pounded into.

It was wonderful. The pain, the pleasure, everything… Harry wanted the man to fill him with his essence and then have him fuck his mouth.

“Harder!” Harry yelled, his young voice louder than the music causing several couples in the middle of various acts of gratuitous sex to stop mid-thrust to watch him be plundered.

The older man grunted, his voice thick with arousal and said, “You are one kinky little whore aren’t you?” But nevertheless, thrusted deeper with more powerful strokes while growling obscenely. “Take me, boy. All the way… That’s right… Unnn…Ngg…”

Harry ejaculated as soon as he felt the man cum in his ass, the warm sensation of the liquid sending shivers up his spine. The man continued to hump his abused ass, trying to milk himself of the rest of his semen. Sighing in pleasure, Harry enjoyed the prolonged feeling of orgasm and the feeling of the now limp penis moving inside of him. Lazily he traced patterns in the seed on his chest from his own ejaculation.

With a moan and a grunt, the man slipped his dick free with a gooey feeling. Harry could feel the man’s seed dripping out of his anus and down his ass crack and contracted his muscles to force a large clump of it out of his body and onto the table.

Pulling his shorts off the rest of the way, Harry sat up, his ass sore and well used, and rubbed his rear in the splattered cum on the table. Now, completely naked, Harry smiled at the older man his eyes roaming to the cream covered cock which was lying flaccid against his thigh.

“Lovely.” The man stated, his legs opening wide in invitation trying to entice the young sex slave to suck on his now wilted penis.

Harry licked his lips and began to slide of the table when a young blond boy who looked about ten years old, walked up to them, his genitals hanging loosely from his body. Harry noticed that his thighs were be speckled with someone’s cum and that in the corner of his mouth some seed that wasn’t licked away by his tiny red tongue.

“Uncle Severus!” The boy jumped onto the older man’s, Severus’ lap, unwittingly settling his pert little ass over his dick. “Daddy says it’s time to go. He said that we could come back later.” The boy ignored Harry as he nuzzled his face into the man’s neck. Severus brought his hands to cup the boy’s butt and pushed him closer into his groin, eliciting a small gasp from his thin lips. “Uncle Severus, you want to play?”

“Mmm… Just a little bit, Draco.” He lifted the boy up, causing Harry to see Severus’ thick cock erect once more, pointing proudly up. Draco squirmed a bit until he could feel the hard flesh poke at his backside and slowly slip between his cheeks.

“Do you want to fuck me, Uncle Severus?” Draco said, rubbing his ass down against the organ.

“Sit, Draco.” The boy slammed down on the enormous dick, letting out a loud scream of pleasure, his young voice piercing Harry’s ears. Harry had the perfect angle to see Severus’ cock slip into the boy’s anus, stretching the already well used hole even farther. He was fascinated by the sight of semen being pushed out of the boy’s opening and dripping down the piece of flesh that was fucking him.

The boy settled down all the way, his ass pressed against the man’s thighs, his back arched in pleasure and his mouth wide while he panted for air. The mere sight of Draco caused Harry’s once spent dick to raise once more. Draco rose up, leaving only the head of his uncle’s dick inside the tight ring of muscles and lowered himself down in one quick movement.

“That’s good, nephew… Ugg… Have you been practicing? Nnn…” Severus brought his large hands up to the boy’s waist forcing him to sit down even farther.

“Haa! Uncle! Your penis! Ahh! Touch me so deep!”

Harry brought his hand to his cock, harshly rubbing it as he watched Severus roll his hips.

“Have you been practicing, nephew? Haa…Ngg… Still as tight as the day, uhhh, that I first slipped my penis in you…”

“Naa! Yes, uncle! Everyday with the toy! Nnn!” With that, Severus quickly turned them over so that Draco was pressed into the booth seats and Severus was lying on top of him with his legs under the table and gripping the back of the seats with his hands. The boy’s legs were splayed open, letting the man settle deeper inside of his body.

Moaning Harry watched as Severus’ hips moved as he thrusted into the boy that was nearly hidden behind his large body, his pants falling down to expose his pale ass.

“Such a good boy, Draco.” Severus said, taking a particularly deep thrust inside of the young boy under him.

Harry fisted his cock, eyes locked on to the two figures as they fucked, hypnotized by the steady rhythm of the older man’s thrusts and the moans and groans from Draco. Severus’ pace became more frantic as he came closer to ejaculating inside the boy.

Thrust…Thrust… “Oh, uncle!”… Pant… Nnn… “That’s right, Draco, take me deeper!”…Thrust…Thrust… “Faster, uncle, my penis needs to empty-” Haa…Ugg… “FUCK!”

Harry could see his ass tighten before letting out a stream of curses as he emptied his semen. Even though Harry knew the man’s dick was soft inside the younger male, he still thrusted into him until Draco screamed his orgasm.

“Shh, shh, I’ve got you, nephew.”

Severus pulled out of the blond and rolled back over so that he was sitting once more. His shirt was covered in semen, as were his pants, and his pubic hair was matted from his pleasure. Turning his eyes to the boy, Harry yanked at his cock. His legs were still spread wide, exposing his cock and ass hole for Harry to see. His chest was covered in his own cum and his small cock was laying limply to the side, but it was his opening that caught his attention.

It was wide with abuse and semen poured out of it like a river. That wasn’t the only thing though. Severus had been rough with the boy and Harry could see some of the cum tinted red with blood. Harry came at the sight, his seed arching and splattering onto the boy’s pale skin.

“Ahhh!” Harry groaned, quickly rubbing his dick until he had nothing left to spill onto Draco.

Once his orgasm was finished, Harry glanced at the other two males. Severus smirked at his ejaculation, reaching over to Draco and swiping some off before bringing his finger to his mouth and eating it. Draco looked pleased that he was covered in their creamy essence and smeared it all over his chest and groin with his delicate little hands.

Without a second thought, Harry slipped off the table and crawled underneath it so that he was between the boy’s spread legs. Starting with Draco’s thighs he licked away the seed, loving the bitter and salty taste of the substance. Skipping over the other’s cock and ass, Harry cleaned the boy’s chest and nibbled on his pink nipples, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure.

It was then that Harry realized that the boy was once more erect and his penis was rubbing against his neck. Sliding down after sucking gently on the now hard nipples, Harry pushed the boy deep into the booth and spread his ass cheeks farther apart so he could have easier access to the boy’s opening.

Wiping away the rest of the seed from Draco’s ass crack, he sealed his lips around the hole to his anus and sucked.

“Nuhh!” The boy exclaimed, his dainty hands moving to clasp Harry’s long black hair. Moaning, Harry tried to suck all of the blood and semen out of his ass. Harry loved to eat ass. He liked the taste, the feel, and the way that the other’s cock rested on his head leaking pre-cum into his hair as he tongue-fucked them.

Slipping his tongue into Draco’s ass, Harry tried to fit as much of the semen and blood into his mouth as possible without swallowing. Then, slithering up the other boy’s body, he brought his seed covered lips to the other. Draco opened his mouth wide so that Harry could slip the mix of fluids into his mouth. Tongues clashed together and fluids dripped down their chins.

Lazily Harry thrusted his groin into the boy’s thigh, finding it surprisingly hard with muscle. They dry humped each other, moaning in pleasure as their penis’ found the stimulation they needed.

Both boys were gasping into their kisses as they quickened their pace. Draco came first, his dick jumping against Harry’s thigh as emptied his load, followed by the still rutting Harry who bit Draco’s bottom lip as he completed his orgasm.


Posted by: rowaine (rowaine)
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so good to see another story from you! and gah, this one looks smutliciously promising.

Posted by: confessionssmut (confessionssmut)
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Why thank you!

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